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Areas You Should Be Asking Your Cleaner To Do

Areas You Should Be Asking Your Cleaner To Do

There is no denying that looking for a house cleaner can be a long process. From finding candidates on Good Cleaners Finder, to hosting a virtual and in person interview, to making a final decision, and to finally creating a cleaning contract. Now that you have gone through all the steps, you may think you are home free but there are some things to keep in mind.

While there are areas you may be disinfecting each day there are some areas you want to ensure your house cleaner is cleaning each and every time they clean your home. Here is an easy to follow list of areas you should be asking your cleaner to do to ensure your home is cleaned to a sparkling finish!

  1. Clean under all furniture. This means under couches, beds, tables, chairs, cabinets. Anything that does not sit on the floor should be cleaned. Whether it is vacuuming carpet, or using a dust mop to snatch up dust on hardwood, make sure your floors are spotless.
  2. Walls, baseboards, and trim. These high traffic areas can have dirt and grime lingering on them. Be sure to ask your house cleaner to wipe these areas down when they clean.
  3. High up surfaces and picture frames. When was the last time you cleaned the top of your bookcase or ceiling fan? If you cannot remember, you know it’s time to give these areas a wipe down. Have a sturdy step stool nearby and a retractable duster for easy cleaning.
  4. Indoor plants. This one might shock you but plants are a dust magnet. Make sure to wipe down their leaves and their pots.
  5. Air filters and vent grates. While this varies from home to home, if you have forced air you want to make sure you are replacing your filters regularly. It is always a good idea to remove your vent grates and give them a good soaking in soap and water to remove any build up grime.
  6. Window screens. These are pesky little things to clean but with summer here and windows being wide open to let a breeze in, having clean screens makes all the difference.
  7. Vacuum cleaner, cleaning tools, and supplies. Last but not least, the cleaning being done is only as good as the supplies that are being used and how clean they are. Ensure your vacuum cleaner is cleaned regularly no matter what make and model (always read the owner’s manual). Make sure all of your dusters are regularly replaced and any cloth used is washed between each use. Same goes for mop buckets and mops, washing out all grime will ensure that your floors sparkle.

While this list of areas you should be asking your cleaner to do may seem overwhelming, add these tasks to your cleaning checklist for your house cleaner as reference. After considering the above list, along with your budget and schedule, it’s time to find the right house cleaner for your needs.

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