You Are Currently Viewing Get A Cleaning Service And Have A Great Relationship With Your Roommates

Get a cleaning service and have a great relationship with your roommates

Get a cleaning service and have a great relationship with your roommates

Living in a shared flat and having roommates is usually a nice thing, you always have someone in the house to talk to, you can share things and still have your privacy. But what to do if the constant mess of your roommates in the rooms you share drives you crazy? You don’t want to risk the good relationship you have with your roommates, but living in disorder constantly burdens you.

Then it is time for Good Cleaners Finder. This is a website where you can find a professional cleaner in a few minutes. Just enter the number of rooms and you will get a price immediately. The best part – payment, scheduling and chatting with cleaning professionals – are all managed through the website. They cover Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern, Zug, Zurich, and everywhere else in Switzerland

Here are 5 things to remind you that you urgently need a cleaning service to maintain a healthy relationship with your roommates:

1. This overfilled trash can with Amazon boxes stuffed next to it.

We all know it, this one trash can that was last emptied two weeks ago. You missed the day to put it out for garbage collection once and now everyone has slowly given it up. Nobody dares to touch it anymore, because the smells coming from its depths are driving everyone out of their minds, which no lavender-scented candle can cover-up.  Let an expert from Good Cleaners Finder take care of it.

2. The sink full of dishes

When you and your roommates were looking for an apartment and walked around the apartment, you fell in love. Everyone got their own room. Everyone shared the bathroom with only one other person. And the square meters! For an apartment in this area? That’s crazy! The only thing missing was a dishwasher. But like most things in life, you just can’t have everything. So you definitely signed for the apartment. Everyone said: “I have absolutely no problem washing dishes by hand” and everyone lied. Your sink is now filling up with dishes every day, and no one in the apartment has the willpower or the time to clean it up. Visit Good Cleaners Finder.

3. Toothpaste residue on the sink

The dried-on toothpaste remnants of terror. It would literally take 3 seconds to rinse the sink with a little water after brushing your teeth to keep it clean for everyone else. But that is simply still too much to ask for some of your roommates. Before you figuratively kill them, you better Book a cleaner.

4. Spaghetti-sauce stove

One of your roommates, who never showed any interest or talent for cooking, has decided to cook a homemade spaghetti sauce with his girlfriend in your kitchen. Sweet!

The action was good for their relationship, but certainly not for the stove, which has been looking like a battlefield ever since. Now the sauce is so dried and crusty that you wouldn’t even get it off if you wanted to. You don’t want to live with this anger in your heart towards your roommate – find a professional at Good Cleaners Finder who will clean up everything for you.

5. The general chaos in the living room

Your living room is a common room, and when you originally moved into this apartment, you made it the perfect place for your conversations. Your roommates bring friends because it is so beautifully decorated – some even stay on the couch for the weekend! And that’s fine for you because it’s always great to meet new people! But after weeks and weeks, crumbs of chips stay in the carpet, bits of salt sticks crunch in the folds of the sofa, too much pedestrian traffic has slipped the carpet across the room. What was once a beautiful living room now looks like your bachelor pad again. You are better than that. Make sure that it always looks perfect – visit Good Cleaners Finder.

Remember that these are your friends – and you want them in your life, even when you move out. Or maybe they are not. But you don’t have time for passive-aggressive texts or the power struggles that result from the doomed “roommate cleaning plan” that never takes hold. Make yourself useful and hire a cleaning professional. Book a cleaner.

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