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How to Clean Pet Hair Off Furniture and Carpet

How to Clean Pet Hair Off Furniture and Carpet

Shedding is a seasonal hazard to clothes, furniture and carpets. If you’ve lost your sofa to layers of dog hair, you can reclaim it with a bit of work. Of course, if you don’t train your dog to stay off the couch, the mounds of hair will rapidly return. Here are two simple tricks on how to clean pet hair off furniture and carpet.

First, use a squeegee with a long handle (or one you can easily get a good grip on), and move it back and forth across the carpet. The rubber attached to it will loosen the embedded hair. Then, pick up the clumps of hair that accumulate. Continue this process until all the hair is removed.

Another easy way to get fur off of furniture is with a pair of rubber gloves. Instead of using them while washing dishes, pull them on and rub your hands over the couch (or whatever else needs de-furring) to pull up the hair. The surface of the gloves creates tension with the surface of the furniture, and the fur will roll off in hunks you can easily throw away.

We understand that you love your pets, but nobody wants to deal with the mess that comes with them. Book A Cleaner Today kick back, relax and let us take care of all the hard work behind the scenes.

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