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How to Keep Your Home Tidy

How to Keep Your Home Tidy

Keeping up with your household chores is a full-time job if you let it be. That’s why you hired a house cleaner in the first place! The extra hands on deck make keeping your dust bunnies banished a whole lot easier. And while your house cleaner does a great job of maintaining the major cleaning projects, you can make their job easier (and your own life better) by doing some things in between visits. From cursory sweeping to fridge clean-up, taking just 10 minutes a day to do your own cleaning is a huge help. Here are six things on how to keep your home tidy in between house cleaner visits.

6 Ways on How to Keep Your Home Tidy Between House Cleaner Visits

There’s no better feeling than when your home has received a thorough cleaning by professionals. Here are some fast, easy strategies to maintain the pristine feeling and hold back the chaos between cleaner visits.

1. Pick Up Your Stuff

This might sound like a no-brainer, but remember to pick up your belongings on a regular basis. This includes mail, clothes, shoes and boxes. If your house cleaner has to pick up piles of stuff and either discard or organize it before they reach the carpet— you have created somewhat of a nuisance. Your helper is able to devote more time to maintaining your hardwood, tile and carpet when access is easy. Cleaner floors means fewer allergens in the air, so do your household a favor and leave less stuff laying around.

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2. Sweep Daily

Speaking of floors, Swiffer or sweep your hard floors daily. With the cursory dust and dander cleaned away, your house cleaner can begin the deep clean right away. Even if you don’t get in the corners, a quick five-minute sweep in the morning keeps your floors in better shape for housekeeping day. If you spill something other than water, try to wipe it up so you don’t track it through your home and cause the need for a major deep cleaning.

3. Keep Your Fridge Fresh

Place a box of baking soda in your fridge, which helps absorb potent smells. Not only does this make your refrigerator a more friendly place to be all the time, but it also makes it easier to clean. When your house cleaner doesn’t have to scrub away bad odors, there is more time to get down to the nitty-gritty in your kitchen. You should also clean out your old food once a week. This also staves off bad smells and keeps mold at bay.

4. Clean Up Spills

If you notice jelly dripping down the side of your jar in the fridge or some ranch dressing pooling on a shelf, make sure you address it right away. When something dries and sticks to a surface, it requires more time and energy. Clean up most of the mess on the spot and your house cleaner can come behind you and take care of the details, like any extra stickiness. Cleaning up spilled food right on the spot also ensures you don’t attract bugs or other pests for your house cleaner to address.

5. Grind Orange Peels

Put orange or lemon peels down your garbage disposal with a few cubes of ice. This not only sharpens the blades but also makes the room smell better and masks the scent of the other food you’ve been disposing of. If you want to experience the fresh clean smell of cleaning day all the time, save your breakfast orange peels and drop them down the disposal as often as possible. Break the peels down into small strips before you put them down the drain— you want to freshen the room, not clog your disposal!

6. Use Netting on Drains

Asking your house cleaner to clear hair from your drains is a time-consuming task. You can prevent clogs and grime in your drains by adding a nylon mesh on top. This will catch the hair, and then all you have to do is empty the mesh. Your drains will be free of damaging clogs and both your plumber and house cleaner will thank you!

Your house cleaner helps keep your floors shiny and your countertops polished, but you can do everyone a favor by maintaining things on a daily basis. Split up tasks in a manageable way by dividing and conquering with your family, or creating a calendar where you designate certain tasks for each day of the week. No matter how you manage your own cleaning duties, chipping in between visits is sure to make your home a more comfortable place to be! If you need extra help, ask your house cleaner for professional tips for maintaining a pristine place all the time.

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