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Top 7 Qualities of Our Good Cleaners

Top 7 Qualities of Our Good Cleaners

Whether you’re looking for a Housekeeper, Professional Cleaner, Maid Service or a Cleaning Lady, these are 7 qualities that our Cleaners possess when you choose them to clean your home!

1. They Know How to Meet Your Needs

One of the signature qualities of our good house cleaner is they are not simply “getting the job done”. Instead, they recognize that you may have certain needs, and if they are not open to customizing their cleaning for you – within reason – then keep looking for someone who is going to take your needs and preferences into account.

Good Cleaners Finder services provide this type of service, but you may find more flexibility with an independent house cleaner. Also, make sure you have realistic expectations!

2. They Have Good Communication Skills

Our house cleaners have good communication skills. They give you proper notice if there are conflicts with scheduling. They return your calls or texts in a timely fashion. They talked through your expectations and understood what the job requires.

Communication goes both ways! If you have any concerns with our cleaner, talk to them about it. If they desire to provide you with the best service possible, they will want to hear what you have to say. Take time to talk through expectations, adjustments in pay, scheduling, or critiques on the job.

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3. They are Honest

Even if you choose to be at your house while your cleaner is there, it’s a big deal to let someone into your home. They will have access to your most personal and valuable items and possibly sensitive information as well.

Look for an openness in your house cleaner and signs of honesty. Were they recommended by someone you know and trust or do they have good ratings and reviews? Do they let you know if they accidentally break something while cleaning? 

Our unique Cleaning Solution helps you to hire Completely Trustworthy and Highly Reliable House Cleaning Services so you have more time to do the things that you love with Peace of Mind.  

4. They Work Well With Your Family

Even if you keep your house cleaner at a “professional distance” they can often become a part of the family, especially if they clean for you year after year. They saw children grow up and families go through good and hard times. They became a listening ear, and on other occasions, you sought their advice. Whether it’s being kind to your pets or being patient when your kids are in their way, look for someone who can work well with your family.

5. They Are Knowledgeable

Our good house cleaners know how to clean your house well and the best cleaning supplies to use in your home. Our cleaner’s have high professional abilities, but if you have suggestions about cleaners that have worked in the past or ideas of how to get something clean, share that with them because it may be helpful information.

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6. They Are Thorough and Pay Attention to Detail

Even if you only need a general, overall cleaning of your home, our house cleaner pays attention to details. They don’t forget the corners and they make sure they get in and behind things. They are thorough, you will see things put back into place and sometimes in a more aesthetic way than you had it originally.

If you occasionally notice things that were not done thoroughly, they could have been in a hurry or simply missed something. However, if your cleaner is consistently not as thorough as you would like, let them know. And if they are missing something all together, they may not have realized you wanted it done.

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7. They Are Efficient

The ability to clean efficiently is so important! Naturally, one person may have a different speed than someone else, but our good house cleaner knows the importance of being timely with their work. 

The first cleaning of a house usually takes longer than the regular cleanings; your house is at its dirtiest, and your cleaner is still learning the layout and figuring out how to clean that particular home efficiently, so take that into account. Usually pricing is a mix between the job and how long it will take, but it’s often best to have a set price for the job. That way if it takes them a little longer one time and less time on another occasion, it will even out in the end.

That’s all you need to know about the top qualities of our good cleaners.

Now it is up to you; make the right choice.

You can find Good Cleaners Finder in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern, Zug, Zurich, and everywhere else in Switzerland. If you are looking for a professional cleaner or are unhappy with your current cleaner, contact us and book your cleaner today!

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