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3 Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

3 Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

Most people postpone carpet cleaning from about December through March, and even as late as April in many parts of the country. The reasoning: with the ice and snow, best hold off until spring. We can see and feel it coming from a mile away: the sun is waning, the days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and there is a noticeable nip in the air that we have not experienced for several months. Like it or not, this can only mean one thing – summer is on the way out and autumn and winter are on the doorstep, ready to make their presence known. But what has to be done- has to be done! Here are 3 carpet cleaning tips for this winter.

Hire a Cleaning Professional

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The easiest and best way to clean your carpet completely is by hiring a professional. Having your carpets professionally cleaned in the winter has its advantages. First advantage is that carpets generally stay cleaner in the winter because dust and allergens are less prevalent. Removing these allergens from your carpet in the winter will make for a much cleaner and fresh home. Let us not only take care for your carpet, but take care of your entire home! Book A Cleaner Today , because you deserve to take a break and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!


Vacuuming your carpet is one of the first methods that people usually take to clean their carpets. Stick to a cleaning schedule to stay on top of it, so you won’t find yourself having to do a deep cleaning to remove dirt. Spot cleaning stains from tracked in mud from ice and snow will keep them from becoming permanent places on your floors. Focus on the lower floors first. Spend more time and effort cleaning and vacuuming lower floors. Soil removed on the lower floors has less chance of traveling throughout the building.

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House Cleaning Services In Switzerland

Keep Dirt Out of the Area

Specialists have been stating for a considerable length of time that in the event that you put entryway mats and so forth outside of the room, you will minimize the measure of introduction your rug needs to filth and clean. Invest in two welcome mats–one to stomp on outside and remove as much snow as possible and one inside to stand on while removing shoes.

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